Whenever a video showing couple getting intimate is uploaded online or pictures that’s are very sensitive are seen online, what first comes to mind is that the people involved are civilians who are craving for attention.

However, a video now circulating the internet have proved that even uniform men are into the act.

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In a now viral video seen online, a man probably a policeman (still in uniform) can be seen pumping a young lady from behind.

From what can be seen in the video, they were both in a room of which the door is not completely closed.

The policeman keep closing the door, but each time he close the door, it opens again. They both are very likely to be aware of the camera, their behavior and reactions even shows they might have placed the camera there deliberately.

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Some internet users suspected the room to be an office, however some argued that it is a room belonging to either the man or the lady.

Click here to see the video


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