Di’Ja has cautioned a follower after he used her to mock actress Rahama Sadau for being single.

Twitter user Abdulrahman Illo tweeted at Di’Ja: “I really like you’re (sic) life style because recording music doesn’t stop you from marriage unlike our local champion @Rahma_sadau she don’t even think of marriage. Before anyone else say any rubbish look at my profile @abdulrahmanillo trouble is entertained.”

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Di’Ja responded: “Please don’t use my life to insult another person. We all have our lives to live and Allah’s timing is best. Also no Rahama slander is tolerated here gaskiya. Mu gode Ma Allah akwai rai da lafiya. Please let us uplift each other. May Allah bless us all.”

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The Twitter user didn’t stop though and he kept trying to defend his stance in new tweets.

See below.


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