A young lady in her teen has caused an uproar on social media after she and her boyfriend openly shared their butterfly love on social media with impunity without any fear whatsoever.

The lady identified as Favour Mathias boldly said she’s ready to commit abortion for her young boyfriend to demonstrate the extent of her love for him.

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Favour in her post professed her undying love for her boyfriend, identified as Emmanuel while adding that they have been banging the hell out of each other all the time without any protection, after which she uses Andrew Liver Salt to flush the semen out.

Her Facebook post reads;“I asked him. How many times did you come inside. He said just twice. I said what if am pregnant, I told him bby what if moi mum finds out. He told me den we will flush it Edidem Emmanuel dad mii.

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I’ll do abortion for your sake. Anything for you bby even it its to leave my parents. I will do that to make you happy. I will not leave you for another guy.

If not for andrew liver salr you always give me, I’ll be pregnant by now.”


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