PlayStation 5 is all set for a possible Holiday 2020 launch. There is still no word on the pricing aspect but Sony has been teasing the fans with everything coming to its next-gen console. Recently, Sony revealed the box art for PS5 titles by showing off the cover of ‘Spiderman Miles Morales.’ Take a look:

PlayStation 5 exclusives to be available for other platforms?

PS5’s box art will have more white than blue from the looks of it. A lot of people spotted something rather interesting; Sony decided to unveil the box for one of their upcoming exclusives i.e. Spiderman. For every exclusive title, the PS4 box had the words ‘Only On PlayStation’ written on it. The PS5 title’s box does not have that. Could this be a hit towards Spiderman being available for other platforms, too? Of course, it is highly unlikely that it will be available for Xbox, but it could be available for PC and maybe even Switch. Or to everyone’s dismay, it could just be Sony’s decision to not put those words on the cover anymore. But we’ll choose to believe in the former anyway.

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The box art looks clean but one fan suggested that it should come in black. He even posted a picture that shows the ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ with black box art. Take a look

To be honest, it does look pretty cool. Maybe we’ll see Sony use black for some of their other exclusives.

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Many are pointing out that PlayStation 5 is a little underpowered, on paper at least, compared to its rival Xbox Series X in terms of hardware specifications. But Epic Games’ VP of engineering Nick Penwarden called the PS5 ‘a masterpiece of systems design.’ Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 was showcased this year on the PS5 which only improves the bond between Sony and Epic. This also points towards a larger collaboration in the future. We could be looking at exclusives, early access, and a lot of other stuff.


The box art definitely gets the fans thinking about the future of Sony’s exclusives. We’ll have more news on the same soon enough.


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