This week we’ve tried out a Q&A format where we let the questions guide our discussion. From additional colors for the Pixel Buds to odd, questionable decisions Google is making in the phone space, we spend quite a bit of time talking about all the ways Google is fumbling through hardware right now. The Pixel line of phones is on life support and now the Pixel 3a has been discontinued without a public roadmap to explain what the next move will be with both the Pixel 4a and the rumored Pixel 5.

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After getting past some of those frustrations, we get to our ‘Best of 2020’ video/post/landing page and talk through some of the fantastic shifts we’re seeing in Chromebook hardware right now towards the mid-range. Additionally we get into ARM-powered Chromebook tablets and how they work with Android apps better than other tablets with Intel chips inside. It’s all based on listener questions, and we loved using this format this week to discuss. Enjoy!


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