Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry and Her head prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin have been the center of media buzz and speculation since inception. The ministry of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is blessed with mind boggling and awe-inspiring miracles, signs, and wonders that attest to the supremacy of God and His hand upon Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry.   

  One of such testimonies, is the story of Sister Rachael Omije from Delta state, who was allegedly poisoned while attending her mother’s burial at Agbor, Delta. Rachael suffered through several months of severe pain and even lost use of her legs, due to this demonic attack. Life, as she knew it, changed completely. She became a regular at healing homes and hospitals, searching for an answer that eluded her.

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 It took several months and even a diabolical intervention gone wrong, for Rachael to realize that hers was a case that needed the Ultimate Healer; the God who opens closed doors and causes the very nature of the supernatural to be turned and overturned for our good. Rachael experienced this God, through Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin.   

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  Just one supernatural encounter with the God of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry and Rachaels has received a new lease of life, completely free of illness and paralysis.  This could be your testimony too. Miracles, signs and wonders are our divine heritage. May God bless Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin who continues to be evidence of God’s ability to save completely!


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