While driving on top speed to safety, a Lebanese was unfortunately hit by the massive explosion which occurred in Beirut on Tuesday morning.

Lebanon, the country which has enjoyed peace and harmony for years has been taken back to the memories of war days after the explosion. According to an online media report, the explosion occurred as a result of the huge cache of ammonium nitrate, an explosive compound, which had been seized by the government years ago and stored at a blast site.

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The explosion started as a result of a fire outbreak in a warehouse at Beirut’s port, where fireworks were stored. It started with a small effect with a red coloured flash before the second massive explosion which overturned cars, shattered glasses, damaged buildings near and several miles away.

A video of a Lebanese trying to flee from the blast but was hit shows how severe it was in the city on Tuesday. Reports coming in state that Over 4,000 people have been injured while 78 people have been reported dead. The numbers may rise due to the severity of the blast.

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Watch video below:


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